From a small hermitage to one of the most important places in town

Welcome to the house of the Town’s Patroness! Here is the image of the Virgin of Los Remedios, the patron saint of the town. Despite having undergone a series of refurbishments, the building continues to maintain a serious but welcoming air, which invites you to enter and enjoy all of the images, paintings and works that it has inside. Come in and enjoy all of the art that it has to offer, or go down to the basement to take a look at the different cloaks with which the Virgin is dressed.

And if photos are your thing, go out of the front door and enjoy the incredible views offered by its exceptional location, from where you can see Valencia de Alcántara, the beautiful Sierra de San Pedro Mountain Range and even some towns in Portugal.

Looking at two countries at the same time from the same place? That’s not something that you can do just anywhere, is it?

In 1682, this was just a small hermitage. We know this thanks to a granite inscription that appears on the western door, although it is also known that in 1408 a hermitage dedicated to Saint Ginés already existed in this place. The new hermitage was inaugurated in 1946, after having undergone a series of refurbishments and extensions over the centuries, it is currently the Sanctuary of the Town’s Patron Saint.

Inside there is the main altar, a dressing room and a side altar where Saint Bartholomew is venerated, as well as a choir and polychrome stained-glass windows that represent the four evangelists, as well as a bronze and crystal lamp. In the early 1990s, work was started to build the small square in front of the hermitage, where a traditional offering auction is held on the first Sunday of September.

Inside, there is the Virgin of Los Remedios, a much-loved image among the residents of the town and the surrounding districts, the first reference to which was in the year 1700. In 1998, the altarpiece of the neoclassical main was modified and expanded. A canvas is also preserved which was a gift from the Marquess of Los Remedios, which represents the Descent of Christ, created by José de Nin y Tudó.

There is also a crucified wooden Christ which was created at the Madrid’s Casa Garín in 1978. The building’s basement contains an exhibition room, inaugurated in 2017, which has various different cloaks, gifts, photographs and costumes of the Patron Saint.

Traditionally, the Day of Los Remedios is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, when the hermitage and all its surroundings are filled with people from the town itself as well as from other parts of Spain.

Did you know that…

  • There are plans from the 17th century showing the construction of a lookout or watchtower in this area.
  • The hermitage is located at an elevation of 479 meters.
  • The current Brotherhood of Los Remedios was founded on the first Sunday of September 1938.
  • Saint Bartholomew is the other patron saint of Valencia de Alcántara.