A magical natural area that dates back almost 300 million years

You are in Berrocal de La Data where, thousands of years ago, the first settlers walked on the same piece of earth that you are walking on right now. It’s incredible, isn’t it?

This surprising area, which has been declared a Natural Monument, is characterized by the presence of impressive granite rocks with striking shapes of great geological and environmental value.

You can see how the passage of time has left its mark on these enormous and unusual stones in the form of erosion which, together with the presence of megalithic funerary monuments and cave paintings, give this place a magical quality. One game you can play is to look for shapes that resemble familiar objects. Why not try looking up at the sky? If you do this during the day, you will be able to see different species of birds and if you do it at night, you will be amazed by the number of stars that light up the skies of Extremadura, thanks to the low level of light pollution. A fabulous combination for lovers of both ornithological tourism and astrotourism.

Immerse yourself in history and nature, visit the megalithic monuments, connect with the environment and discover the memories that are reflected in the cave paintings of this spectacular area. This is a place where you can feel the force of nature!

El Berrocal de La Data was declared a Natural Monument in April 2021. It is located about nine kilometres from the border with our neighbour, Portugal, and it has an area of just over 400 hectares. Located in the Tagus International Biosphere Reserve, this area is of huge geological, environmental and cultural value.

It is also located within the Special Protection Zone for Birds (ZEPA) known as the “Nacimiento de Río Gévora” (Source of the River Gévora) and it has a wide variety of species of mammals, reptiles and birds such as the griffon vulture, white stork, eagle owl, red kite, black kite, kite, owl, etc., in addition to a rich flora with species such as cork oaks, scrub and chestnut trees.

Human beings settled in this area thousands of years ago and used this place to build the five dolmens that can be found nearby. The resistance and natural hardness of these granite rocks have managed to withstand the passage of time and they have created a relief that extols the landscape value of the berrocal, which is partially eroded and has given rise to the peculiar formations that have shaped this landscape, such as granite boulders and natural rock formations with spectacular shapes due to their large size and the action of erosion.

Did you know that…

  • The Berrocal de La Data Natural Monument is the fifth Natural Monument in Extremadura, along with Los Barruecos, the Castañar de Ibor Cave, the Fuente de León Caves and the La Jayona Mine.

  • This complex is located in the geologically named Nisa-Alburquerque Batholith. Batholiths (from batos = deep and lithos = stone) are huge stones or granite boulders, created from the crystallization of magma.