Feel the weight of history under your feet

the famous Puente de Abajo or Puente de Piedra (Lower or Stone Bridge), so named because of its construction. But what was the purpose of this picturesque bridge? As you can see, there is a stream in front of you, an obstacle that had to be overcome in order to reach the town.

This bridge has traditionally been considered of Roman origin. However, some studies have shown that it was actually built in the 17th century. Proof of this is an inscription engraved on the construction itself.

Cross this bridge and enjoy the sound of the water running beneath your feet, whilst you imagine the horse-drawn carriages that used to cross it loaded with merchandise. Move a bit further away and take a magnificent photo of the bridge’s vault in the background, surrounded by the unique landscape of our beautiful Extremaduran town, one of the wonderful things that the passage of history has left us.

The purpose of the Lower or Stone Bridge, located to the north of the town where the Rivera de Avid stream crosses, was to replace a previous medieval bridge that is believed to have been destroyed when the river burst its banks at the beginning of the same century.

With regard to its construction, it is notable for the fact that it only has one vault and it is reinforced by two buttresses. It also has granite masonry, which resulted in it being known locally as the “Puente de Piedra” (Stone Bridge), also giving its name to the street where it is located.

Did you know that…

  • Historians say that it was built in the year 1622.