A source of life and part of the history of the town

Can you imagine what it must have been like to have to walk several miles every day to get water?

The fountain that you are looking at, called the Monroy Fountain, was for many years the place where local residents went to get all of the water they needed for their day: ranchers, shepherds, farmers, children, mothers and fathers…

Take a good look at its two arches and its granite structure which has enabled it to stay in such good condition over the years and then imagine children playing in front of it in summer, the sound of their laughter and the old people that used to sit around it and talk about their own experiences. The endearing image that is created is like many of the stories that are hidden in the fountain’s stones. And if you ask the locals themselves, they will surely have plenty of anecdotes to tell you!

Just as water is a source of life, the Monroy fountain is a source of stories about life!

The name of this fountain refers to the surname of the Governor who was in charge of the town and his party, Pablo Antonio Becerra y Monroy, at the time of its construction. For several centuries, this construction served as the water supply for the whole of the town and its surroundings; now, however, it is no longer in use. Before, there was another similar fountain, but it is said to have been demolished after a young man drowned in it.

Traditionally, this fountain was considered Roman. However, there are those who refute this theory and argue that it is much never, dating from the year 1717.

With regard to its structure, it is made up of granite ashlars, with two closed bays with lowered arches that end in a cornice. The bays are very similar to those of the disappeared La Dehesa Fountain, which had four bays instead of two and was larger.

Did you know that…

  • Fountains come from the original use of the Spanish word “pilón”, which means “waterfall”.
  • Fountains like this were meeting places that fostered social relations for the whole community.