The only original entrance to the town’s walls that is still standing

If you have ever wanted to feel like a true medieval knight, what better way to do it than by passing through an original door of the town’s ancient walls?

In front of you is the Puerta de las Huertas (Orchard Gate) or, rather, what remains of it, the only remaining ancient entrance to the town.

Imagine a whole procession riding through this gate on horseback, accompanied by the sound of hooves and armour. Take a good look at it, the shape of its arch at the top and the material with which it is built. Did you know that it used to have hinges? See if you can figure out how many there were in total.

This gate was one of the town’s entrances and, currently, it is the only gate that remains standing in the town’s outer walls. Its name comes from the place where this gate used to be located, which gave access to the orchards belonging to the residents of Valencia de Alcántara, which were outside the walls.

Unfortunately, this gate was damaged by a fire that occurred in 1821, as a result of fighting between liberals and royalists. Its latest restoration took place in 1991. The fire also consumed the doors at this entrance, which were unfortunately lost completely. However, some of the hinges of the ancient doors have been preserved.

Did you know that…

  • The hinges of these doors are called “goznes”, articulated fittings with which the door panels are fixed to the door frame so that they can rotate. With the hinge, no tools are needed to remove the door: it can be removed simply by lifting it up and disengaging it.
  • The interior of the door is formed by a barrel vault.